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Nina’s Cars is the only company in Phuket which offers professional insurances for motorbike or scooter rental.

Nina’s Cars, “You Rent. We Care”


Pricing conditions below include 15% OFF and they are valid during low season only (16 April till 30 June and 01 September till 15 November)

Motorbike / Day price: 1-7 days8-20 days21-30 days31-45 days
Big bikes
Honda X-ADVHonda X-ADV

Gearbox: Automatic
2,000 THB1,600 THB1,400 THB1,200 THB
Yamaha M Slaz150Yamaha M Slaz150

Gearbox: Manual
680-800 THB553-650 THB425-500 THB383-450 THB
Yamaha T-Max530Yamaha T-Max530

Gearbox: Automatic
1,530-1,800 THB1,275-1,500 THB1,105-1,300 THB935-1,100 THB
Yamaha X-MaxYamaha X-Max

Gearbox: Automatic
850-1,000 THB680-800 THB595-700 THB510-600 THB
Motorbike / Scooter
Honda Click 125iHonda Click 125i

Gearbox: Automatic
225-300 THB187-250 THB150-200 THB131-175 THB
Honda Moove 110Honda Moove 110

Gearbox: Automatic
213-250 THB170-200 THB149-175 THB128-150 THB
Honda PCX 150Honda PCX 150

Gearbox: Automatic
425-500 THB340-400 THB255-300 THB234-275 THB
Yamaha N-Max155Yamaha N-Max155

Gearbox: Automatic
425-500 THB340-400 THB298-350 THB255-300 THB
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